My Favourite Travel Photos

1. A  photogenic and quirky elephant at Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa. (March, 2013).


2. The sand dunes in the Namib desert – largest in the world, and what fun to climb! (March, 2013).


3. Our unforgettable visit to a Himba Village Tribe, close to the Namibian and Angolan border. (March, 2013).


4. The edgy, vibrant, and intriguing town of Salvador, Brazil, a few days after Carnival. I loved the contrast; old, decaying structures painted so brightly… (March, 2010).


5. Dinner, drinks and incredible people watching in one of the many eclectic and lively alleyways in Salvador. (March, 2010).


6. The beach after an afternoon shower in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (March, 2010).


7. Taking in the colours and life in La Boca – Buenos Aires, Argentina (March, 2010).


8. Getting an insider’s view of the Cuzco (Peru) street celebrations and authentic “ropa” while trying to get comfortably acclimatized … (March, 2010).


9. A beautiful boy, watching intensely as his father shows us his traditional pottery in Sacred Valley/Ollantaytambo, Peru. (March, 2010).


10. The view of Machu Picchu on the descent, after three glorious days of hiking. My knee had just started to flare-up; perfect timing! (March, 2010).


11. First time to New York (late honeymoon). We were blessed with gorgeous weather, as we meandered across the Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan. (September, 2012).


12. Okay, okay, not a “travel” photo per se, but nonetheless an inarguably top notch view of Garibaldi near Whistler, BC, Canada. (Summer, 2010).


13. Again … I am bending the rules (they are mine, aren’t they?!) but I figure because I no longer LIVE in BC I can use this as a “travel” photo 😉 Mount Truax , BC, Canada. (One of the many backpacking trips I was fortunate enough to be taken on by my Papa).


14. Abu, one of the many wonderful children I met in Kampala, Uganda, while on placement in my OT Master’s. He had an incredible spirit to him. (February, 2008).


15. A wistful, delicate, young village girl (who was actually a relative of our supervisor in Uganda) timidly showing us her best dresses. (February, 2008).


16. Taking a look through the rocks while rappelling in Tonsai, Railey Beach in Thailand. (Summer, 2009).


17. Sunset in Santorini, Greece. (Summer, 2005).


18. And again … Santorini – definitely on the top of my list for “best sunset” experiences. (Summer, 2005).


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