Canada Day Delights – Red Velvet Cake Pops!

Canada Day Delights - Red Velvet Cake Pops!

So, this past Canada Day (as in, over 6 months ago!) I decided to attempt making cake pops. I have always admired their visual delectability and portable (as well as snack-like) nature. I can’t remember which site I used to get the basic recipe, but I DO know that I (as usual) adapted some of my steps and ingredients. I do regret not getting proper cake pop sticks (which are plastic) and instead using wooden kabob skewers (which splinter when you try and break them in half, resulting in some definite challenges and kitchen cussing). I would also suggest measuring your freezer space to make sure the pops fit in properly when upright. Just sayin’. It all turned out OK though because luckily, people had imbibed plenty of drinks at the BBQ we were attending by the time dessert made it’s appearance, and did not seem to notice the fact that there was frayed wood at the base of my balls. Uuuuum … I’ll just stop there.

Actually, I should note (read: brag) that I was walking with Ryan to the BBQ when I heard a voice yell out something along the lines of “Whoa those look great, did you make them??” I turned to see a female hanging out the window of a truck stopped at a red light. I was stunned and delighted, and yelled out some long-winded answer about how it was my first attempt at Red Velvet Cake Pops and they were melting, didn’t look as nice as I’d hoped but “thank you!” There goes the verbal diarrhea again! Always worse when it is a muttering self-deprecation, haha. The entire exchange delayed traffic by a second I’m sure. It was completely awesome though; I felt great .. 😉


I think the following link highlights the main steps that I went through, though I did not follow this site per se (if you google Red Velvet Cake Pops you will find the same recipe everywhere):

It should be noted that I did NOT make my own frosting (I used store-bought cream cheese) and chose to use melted white chocolate as my “icing” along with red icing (typically used for sugar cookies). For “presentation” (if you can call it that, haha) I glued Canada Day plates onto a green foam block (the kind you use for flower arrangements and can buy from the dollar store). This held the sticks in place, upon being stabbed through the paper plates.. The black box is our engagement ring shipping box from James Allen and the red tape is double-sided tape I had around the house. Here’s to recycling! I’m sure with a little more money and creative prowess, you could make these look a whole lot fancier! Again, I was not too concerned given my audience was a half-drunk bunch of Canada Day celebrators 😉

Overall, I’d say these were delicious and moist. We had none leftover by the end of the evening.

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