Sushi delivered to your door? Don’t mind if I do …(Ottawadeliverysushi, Ottawa)

So my friend and I were having a girls’ afternoon, hanging with our bitches ….

Yes, I am referring to our dogs, Maggie and Berta, who were with us. I’m not that hardcore, and I also don’t have that many friends (and if I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be referring to them as bitches).

As per usual, we were craving SUSHI and were really not in the mood to go out and pick something up. We thought, hey, wouldn’t it be great if there was delivery (like pizza or chinese). So of course, we googled this. Low and behold, some place with a website as follows popped up:

Well, we thought it was too good to be true (and frankly, I was a little concerned about the quality of the food) but that didn’t stop us from calling – I’m sure all you sushi lovers out there understand the mix of salivation and desperation. Just. Want. Wasabi.

We were promptly impressed. The person who answered the phone was friendly and eager to please; while I don’t think our location fell into their “jurisdiction” they said they would deliver for free and we didn’t even have to order that much food! Within 40 minutes we had various rolls including spicy tuna and salmon as well as tender sashimi. AT OUR DOOR. This is in caps because I am yelling — delivery sushi is very exciting, even now! What could be better? Seriously. The quality was superior to many other sushi joints I’ve tried in Ottawa. The rolls were not overly rice-y and the ingredients were fresh. We got a large side (small bowl) of spicy mayo which also brought my belly great joy.

Summary: Delivery sushi actually exists … it is not just a pipe dream of some west coast sushi-obsessed girl. Even the website is easy to find (google: delivery + sushi + ottawa and you’ve pretty much got the site). I would definitely order this again (although I still think Sushi 88 on Somerset has the best sushi I have eaten in Ottawa – their Salamander roll made with brown nice is amazing –  the thing is, they don’t deliver). Longest bracketed sentence ever.

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