A vegetarian buffet that could make even a meatatarian question his preference (The Green Door, Ottawa)

Since moving to Ottawa, I have been intrigued by the Green Door Vegetarian Restaurant but did not actually eat there until a few weeks ago when a colleague suggested it. I was here once before but didn’t chow down, as I was joining my clinical director on a treatment session with one of her clients. You justcant be sure what the protocol is in these types of situations (and hey, as a new employee, it is better safe than sorry). That said, my interest was definitely piqued when I saw people with their plates piled high, boasting a variety of hearty and fresh looking foods.

Well …. I’ve now had the good fortune of coming here twice in the past few months and have to say it is well worth it! The hot bar is stocked full of delectable and very nicely seasoned dishes (i.e. not bland or tasting of cardboard, as some of our meat-loving significant others might assume). They have everything you can imagine and more; curry, stir-fry, lasagna, hot and cold salads (e.g. mixed kale, greek salad, etc.), lentil and cauliflower dishes, soup, bread, as well as the best side of avocado I have ever tasted. I eat avocado almost every day, no joke, and this bowl of green goodness (probably the equivalent of 30 avocados sliced up with some sort of seasoning/lemon juice) is just ridiculous. I could eat the whole bowl. But I don’t, because that wouldn’t make me very popular with the patrons in line behind me, hungrily eying that delightful green goodness..

While I’ve not made it to their desserts quite yet I did have a few bites of my friend’s. It was yummy, made with silk tofu … it wasn’t fantastic, though. Having said that, I’m more of a savoury food fan AND I tend to like richer desserts (e.g. nuts, dark chocolate, really creamy or doughy, fried … Haha … In other words, nothing for the faint of heart). I would be keen to try something here if it is made with, say, crushed pecans, coconut, chocolate, nut butter or avocado (which blends very well with chocolate, to make a creamy and delectable treat, in case you weren’t aware.). I’ll post on the desserts once I venture to that side of the buffet.

Summary: Go to the Green Door on Main Street in Ottawa. As much as I love my meat (having enjoyed ostrich and zebra, I’m about the farthest thing from a vegetarian) … there is a very large space in my heart for veggies. My husband actually says if I were to be reincarnated I would be a vegetable (and not the morbid, comatose kind). They are bright, fresh, so varied in texture, flavour, and can be used in so many incredible ways … in my mind the BONUS of eating them is that they are healthy.

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