Warm, lively, and Irish (D’arcy McGees – Spark street, Ottawa)


Ryan and I went to D’arcy McGees after moving into downtown .. and I am thinking it was because we had a Groupon (this is usually what instigates a meal out, not going to lie). In any case, Ryan quickly fell in love with the chicken Tikka Masala, substituting the rice for home-made delicious fries. The dish comes with a real papadum to separate the peas from the starch, and the curry sauce is very authentic. I have to recommend that you order the “Boxty” version of the Tikka Masala because it means the curry is encased in a naan/roti type bread that is amazing (see photo on right).

We also tried the braised beef poutine (see top photo), which was delicious. It’s all about the real fries, with skin, not pre-frozen. It makes such a difference in flavour and texture. Nothing satisfies a craving for baaadddd food like home-made fries. Mmmm.

I also quite enjoy the prime rib and the veggie burger (see photo on left). The latter is really well-textured and “meaty” for a veggie burger, with sauteed mushrooms and fried masala onions on top. I usually get the fries because they are fresh, hand-cut and really the perfect size (not shoe-stringy in size, which I personally don’t love). And  the side salad, for a pub, is pretty phenomenal. The house dressing is actually house made. As in, you can tell they blenderize a bunch of ingredients and it’s not store bought. There are also fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and sprouts. SPROUTS! With mixed greens, NOT iceberg lettuce. It’s a real salad! This makes me very happy! Often salad can be a travesty at pubs (especially when they give you iceberg lettuce and shredded stale carrots that are becoming white and waxy). I.E. AT THE ROYAL OAK.

Summary: D’arcy’s is a really good pub with really good food. It’s almost not pub food anymore… but, as outlined above … in all the right ways. They also occasionally have higher test beer on tap (e.g .7-9%) from Quebec, which goes well with any of the above for a late lunch.

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