It’s hard to be social when your mouth is full of goodness (Social, Ottawa)

Duck Confit Hash. ‘nough said. Seriously. Melt in your mouth incredible. I’ve also tried the cheeseburger with organic lean and well-spiced meat, which comes with shoestring fries and truffle mayo (pictured above). Yes, authentically flavored truffle mayo! So amazing.

Go. Go. Go. To Social.

Summary: All of the dishes we’ve tried so far have been perfect, but the duck confit hash is so unique, you don’t even have to like duck to fall in love. It’s a compliment of flavors you will likely never experience elsewhere. Ryan says so. It must be true.

Addendum: We went again for Valentine’s day in February 2012 and I had the BC seared albacore tuna (pictured above), along with some other shared appetizers. The ironic part is that I am from BC, and am a sashimi fanatic. I have always preferred tuna to salmon but since moving to Ottawa I have fallen for salmon because, well, it’s amazing .. but it is also hard to find good tuna in Ottawa. I literally used to eat 2-3 sushi lunches a week (i.e. $3.95 for 8-piece spicy tuna roll. Yes, that is possible in Vancouver). Having been to Social, I have to swallow my BC pride and say this: that seared albacore tuna dish, with delicate salad encased in delicately sliced cucumber, dressed with a perfectly balanced citrus-soy dressing and lots of avocado pieces … that was THE BEST quality tuna I have ever had and a most generous portion. This dish was beautifully plated. It was incredible. It melted in my mouth and I would order it as a main despite it being on the appetizer list. Highly recommended.

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