Comfort food at it’s finest (Fritomania chip truck, Ottawa)

On my second visit to Ottawa in February of 2011, Ryan insisted we try poutine at a chip truck, which – as a West coaster – is a bit of a rarity! I’ve experienced English Bay’s hot dog stands and I’ve noticed the gourmet food truck concept has been picking up up in Vancouver and area … but fresh fries with real gravy and honest cheese curds … that was a new concept. And not one we could easily pass up on a cold, crisp, touristy day.

Fritomana, which we later read has been listed in the top 5 chip stands within Ottawa (and there are many) – was the place we decided on. The chips (or fries, says my West coaster brain) were freshly cut and fried using peanut oil, and the gravy was impeccably peppered and just thick enough. Oh… and the curds! I love cheese more than life itself so you would understand. The key is that they layered the poutine like a good sundae so there wasn’t that disappointing feeling when you got past the top layer. The goodness just kept on keeping on.

Summary: A highly recommended pick me up on a -34 weather day!! Or really any day, according to Ryan 😉

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